Youtube video on cobra weave

In this video, learn how to make a basic 4 strand bracelet with square knots, also known as the cobra pattern, using nylon parachute cord and plastic buckles.

Step 16

Your Paracord Bracelet Is Completed!

Step 15

Carefully Burn the Cut Ends of the Paracord. Quickly Press the Burned Ends Down with a pen, lighter, or scissors. Do Not Use Your Fingers.

Step 14

When You Reach the End of the Bracelet, Be Sure To Pull the Ends Tight. Then Cut the Leftover Ends Short with Scissors

Step 13

Continue to Repeat Steps 7-12

Step 12

Pull the Ends of the Paracord Equally Taut

Step 11

Repeat Step 8, (Remember to Start On Opposite Side)

Step 10

Repeat Step 7, (Remember To Start On Opposite Side)

Step 9

Pull both ends equally taut

Step 8 

Take the inside color paracord end behind the strand lying behind the bracelet, then cross the inside color over the two main strands and through the loop on the other side

Step 7

Take the color paracord end you want on the outside of the bracelet and cross it underneath the two main verticle strands of the bracelet

Step 6

Release the buckle and measure the paracord in beteen the two halves of the buckle to reach the desired length

Step 5

Thread the two ends of the length of paracord down through the other end of the buckle

Step 4

Pull the ends of the paracord taut

Step 3

Continue to pull the ends of the paracord through the buckle and then through the loop

Step 2 

Thread the two ends of the length of paracord up through one end of the buckle

Step 1 

You Will Need:

  • Sharp Scissors
  • Paracord
  • Buckle
  • Lighter
  • Ruler


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